Kathryn Gahl

Grief, begone

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2018 at 4:27 pm

No longer will you invade my path
steamroll my nights or
slash an afternoon delight

How many suns did I let you
set too early
screw up the clock and leave me

Weary, on watch for your next stab
at my heart
sick of being a pincushion

And now, firing up
a powerhouse of electrical charges
fierce as the flowers

A lonely blaze it is in and out the chambers
of memory, up and down valleys of my skull
where I learn to see in the dark

Smash monsters, squash your constant
nagging–whatever it is you want with my life,
you can’t have it.
Fierce as a flower


  1. Excellent!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Pure unadulterated forceConstant clarity Thanks for sharing with everyone your gift of clear-heartedness LoveJean

  3. Very nice Kathy, keep on truckin’

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