Kathryn Gahl

Why A Postcard Poem?

In Postcard Poem on February 14, 2012 at 8:30 pm

How would you like to receive a postcard a day? In the US Mail. Since January of 2011, that’s what I have done. Six poems a week. Twenty postcards a day. The post office loves me. So do the recipients of Postcard Poems. They hold them in their hand, share them at book clubs and hair salons, give to relatives to take to work and say read this, reprint them in newsletters, affix them to the ‘fridge, and stack them on their desks. It’s been wild.

Hence. The title of this blog is The Small Liver Literary and Little Postcard Post. Get set for wordplay fun and noteworthy notes, all the things nit-picky poet-writers do.


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