Kathryn Gahl


In Healthcare, Short Stories on February 25, 2012 at 6:40 pm

Many thanks to everyone at the Wisconsin Academy Review for sponsoring a statewide fiction contest. My story MILES recently placed third. The story  appears in WISCONSIN PEOPLE & IDEAS, Winter 2012. It is available on newstands now and also on-line. http://www.wisconsinacademy.org/magazine/miles

  1. Absolutely beautiful, but sad. Is pathetic right, no that isn’t. The main character, Miles, was a bit of a melancholy, jaded sort. You made him endearing and I rooted for that middle-aged bloke. I was disappointed it wasn’t in the cards for a happy ending. But that fit. Once a course is set, its path is pretty much inevitable.

    Earlier in the piece, the thing that stood out was your line, “He had a past but had left it where it belonged, he said, in the past . She liked that, she thought.” Kind of a simple thing you said there, but in its context it really stood out as a truism. Ironic then, how she Suzanne/Ann got him to bring it all to the surface only to judge him. He knew all along where to leave that past.

    Oh there were other lines I loved, but you already know where the good writing is, pretty much throughout the whole piece. The characterization I expect to be first rate from you, your understanding of behavior astute, but your setting work absolutely stood out in this piece. That’s a trick I plan to learn from you.

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