Kathryn Gahl


In Anxiety, Depression, Parenting, Work-Family Conflict on March 8, 2015 at 6:33 pm


Dear Leo,

The blessing of your spirit, the light in your eyes, a year later. . . still here.

And we listen, we live, we love,



Mindful, aware

Dear Nora,

The shock in your soul, the break in your heart, a year later . . . still here.

And we pray, we strive, we commit

To ease your suffering

Transform you and your story

Open the blinds

On depression

Still Here

  1. Dearest Kathryn,
    My heart aches for your loss, for Nora’s grief…the tragedy is monumental. Thank you for writing. I am thinking of you all today. Lighting a candle for Leo.

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