Kathryn Gahl

The Wall

In Anxiety, Connection, Humor, Mindfulness, Weighing In on May 18, 2016 at 12:07 pm

Some days
it feels like you’re
holding up the wall

Other days
it feels like the wall
holds you

Either way, be glad:
you are upright,

The Wall

  1. Resilience, holding to inner resilience, whether in ourselves or at time in others. Holding to what’s strong

  2. Leaning on inner resilience, our own or at times someone else’s. Find what is strong and lean

  3. Reminds me of the Milwaukee Rep play that we saw this weekend, called “Fences”. All their married life the wife wanted the husband to build a fence around their property to keep their family safe. By the time he gets it done, no one is left, no children, no wife, and he is inside the fence and trapped, when the original intention was to keep the bad out. I am currently reading “The Indifferent Stars Above” by Daniel James Brown . It’s a history of the Donner party that was a part of the emigration from east to west and got caught in the snow near Truckee, Ca. And most of them died. I first heard of the saga when we stayed near Lake Tahoe one year a long time ago, and the house we were in had a lot of history books about it. Makes you wonder how anyone ever made it. Whether coming from Ireland, or moving from Boston to Chicago, or Kansas City to California is a covered wagon. Makes a person wonder how we make it now. Love, Mary Ann

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